6th Grade


What's different about 6th Grade at Mathews vs. a middle school? Small class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios. Mathews provides a transition to middle school independence, a chance to be a role model and leader for younger students, an opportunity to have a culminating experience as a leader of Mathews and the school community, AND recess!  Learn more below:

Extracurriculars: band, orchestra, project lead the way

Mathews is only one of a handful of Austin ISD elementary schools offering a 6th grade.  Our 6th grade offers a small community with big opportunities. The 6th grade is led by Ms. Sydney De La Garza.

Rigorous Academics with Cross Curricular Study:

Our teachers work closely together to provide a challenging curriculum within and across disciplines. Our expectations and curriculum are the same as a middle school in subject content including Art, Music, and P.E. There are many project based learning opportunities requiring students to make real-world connections and analysis. Technology is utilized on a daily basis to enhance communication, presentations, research, and products. Flexible groupings form the core of meeting student needs. As one sixth grader stated, “the teachers want to make sure you get better at something.”                                         

Middle School Responsibilities, “Electives,” and Travel:

While on an elementary campus, our students have middle school responsibilities and expectations as part of a community of learners. Our 6th grade leaders serve on our student council and mentor younger students.

While we do not have course electives in the form of a traditional middle school schedule, we provide students opportunities to try a variety of non-core academic activities. Physical Education and Art and general Music occur on a rotating schedule. PE focuses more on sports in 6th grade than in the lower grades and music instruction is provided daily through band and orchestra. Our students periodically perform with the middle and high school bands and orchestras.  All 6th graders participate in two semester long Project Lead the Way courses with an emphasis on STEM problem solving that serve as prerequisites to continue with the program at O.Henry in 7th grade.

Our 6th grade students travel to Camp Champions for outdoor education and team building in the fall and take a longer STEAM based trip to wrap up their year of study in the spring.  

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Mathews is accepting transfer students for 6th grade.  If you need to request a transfer to Mathews, please do so on our AISD website here .

For questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our amazing Registrar, Julie Salazar, at  julie.salazar@austinisd.org  or (512) 414-7155.